3 Signs of the Exhaust It’s Time to Repair

The location of the exhaust under the car makes its condition rarely monitored and the owner pays less attention, this can make it difficult to detect damage such as leaks.
Leaks are a common exhaust problem due to their lifetime. Leaks can be caused by age and corrosion that makes the exhaust pipe crack and makes holes.

exhaust broken

Here are a number of signs that can be a reference for a car exhaust leak:

  1. Noise
    When the exhaust leaks, the sound produced no longer sounds perfect but becomes noisy.

The noise is because the air released will collide in the exhaust.

If the car exhaust leaks a little, then the noise that appears is usually not too severe, but if the leak is severe, the sound produced is more disturbing.

  1. Waste of fuel
    Another way to detect car exhaust leaks is through fuel consumption and engine performance. A leaky exhaust usually makes the performance of the car’s engine decrease drastically.

This decrease in performance automatically makes the engine speed will be maintained at low rpm so that the driver has to step on the gas pedal deeper, and the power is significantly reduced.

In the end, it will have an impact on engine performance which gradually continues to decline and makes fuel consumption more wasteful than usual.

This happens because the exhaust gas pressure that should be discharged to the back actually has to come out faster through the leak hole.

  1. The smell in the cabin
    The most negative result of a car exhaust leak is the entry of CO gas into the cabin. Because, in addition to causing discomfort, it can also interfere with health.

The reason is, due to a car exhaust leak, the gas that is the result of the exhaust is not entirely out of the car, but some go into the cabin.

However, this gas is very subtle and often goes unnoticed. As a result, many think that the smell comes from outside the car, even though it comes from leaking exhaust and imperfect gas exhaust.

If left unchecked, both the driver and passenger can potentially feel weak, short of breath, unconscious, have watery eyes, and other risks.

Therefore, if a car exhaust leak has been detected, the car owner is advised to immediately repair it.