3 Ways to Prevent and Eliminate Mold On Car Windshield

One of the most common car hygiene problems apart from rusty components on the underside of the vehicle is the appearance of mold on the windshield.
However, if the problem is not too serious, you can try how to remove mold on the windshield independently first.

Mold not only spoils the appearance of the car but is also bad for the health of the driver and passengers

Black fungus is one of the dangerous ones because it can cause headaches, shortness of breath, stomach pain and bloating, and make a person tired.

The main cause of mold in the car is damp air. This happens because the car window is cracked or the sunroof is open when it rains.

In addition, mold can appear if the car is exposed to rain and is not cleaned immediately.

Mushrooms multiply quickly. They just need a little moisture to colonize in a few days and make your car look unkempt.

Moldy car windows, especially the front, will interfere with the driver’s view when it rains. Here are 5 ways to get rid of mold on car windows that you can try, quoted from various sources.

  1. How to get rid of mold on the windshield with toothpaste
    The first method is the simplest. You only need to use a toothpaste containing hydrogen peroxide, a microfiber cloth, and water.

How to use it, apply toothpaste to the fungus on the windshield. Wait for the material to dry. Next, rinse with clean water and then wipe dry.

  1. How to clean car windows from mildew with soda
    Soda is an antifungal agent that you can try to get rid of on your windshield.

The trick put pure soda or one that doesn’t contain sugar into a spray bottle. Spray the material on the windshield that is overgrown with mildew. Then, rub gently with a microfiber cloth.

  1. How to remove mold on car windows with alcohol
    70 percent of alcohol acts as an antiseptic or disinfectant to kill stubborn fungus.

The trick, wet a soft textured cloth with 70 percent alcohol as needed. Then, gently wipe the mushrooms on the glass. Repeat several times if needed.

Make sure you wipe it in the shade and wear waterproof gloves.

How to prevent moldy car glass from coming back

  1. Clean the car regularly
    The most effective way is to clean the car regularly. If the car is exposed to mud or gravel rain, you are also advised to clean it immediately.

Not only on the exterior, but the interior of the car must also be cleaned, especially the floors, seats, or other parts that are often spilled with liquid.

  1. Keep the car from getting damp
    Another way is to not let the car damp. You can regularly open all the car vents and let them dry for about 10 to 20 minutes.