5 Dramas of the Argentine MotoGP

Some dramas occurred in the Argentine MotoGP which will be held at the Termas de Rio Hondo Circuit, Sunday (3/4). The following controversial dramas in MotoGP Argentina.
Although often held at the beginning of the season, the Argentine MotoGP is a race that has an important factor for racers.

Termas Rio de Hondo Circuit, Argentine

Being placed at the start of the season, the riders have an extraordinary ambition to win the Argentine MotoGP race.

Not infrequently the great ambitions of these racers lead to accidents that harm one or both racers.

This season, MotoGP Argentina has the potential to bring new drama to MotoGP. The drama started with a change in the Argentina MotoGP schedule due to several team logistics and drivers arriving late in Tango.

In addition, the drivers come to Argentina with stiff competition because the points difference is so close.

The Termas de Rio Hondo Circuit has been absent for two seasons from holding MotoGP. The absence of sufficient Yama has the potential to make the circuit trackless grip dirty.

5 Dramas of the Argentine MotoGP

Rossi vs Marquez 2015 Season

Valentino Rossi’s feud with Marc Marquez at the 2015 MotoGP is said to be the trigger for the estrangement of the relationship between the two racers.

In that race, Marquez, who occupies the leading position determined to win, had to fall after hitting the back of Rossi’s motorbike at Turn 5 on the last lap.

Dovizioso vs Iannone Season 2016
Interesting events occurred in MotoGP 2016. Usually, accidents involve two riders from different teams. In the 2016 season, Andrea Dovizioso and Andrea Iannone were both from Ducati.

However, because of the ambition of the two drivers to occupy the second position, Iannone and Dovizioso both crashed at Turn 12. The incident was triggered by Iannone who nudged Dovizioso on the last lap. Both drivers ended up losing the podium.

Start Miller Season 2018

One of the iconic moments of the Argentine MotoGP was when Jack Miller from Pramac took pole position. At that time the weather in Termas was erratic, light rain fell a few hours before the race.

Wet tracks make the race wet status so that almost all racers use wet tires. But slowly the rain subsided and the track gradually dried up.

This condition triggered panic for drivers and teams. Only Miller relaxed because from the start he used dry tires. When the race was about to start, apart from Miller, all the drivers changed dry tires. Race direction penalizes drivers by starting five rows behind Miller.

Marquez vs Rossi 2018 Season

When the Argentine MotoGP left 4 laps, Marquez, who tried to overtake from a tight angle, nudged Rossi at Turn 13. Rossi finally went wide to the left before falling.

After the incident, Marquez, who wanted to apologize, was refused entry to Rossi’s garage by the Yamaha crew.

Zarco vs Pedrosa 2018 Season

Johann Zarco and Dani Pedrosa were involved in a fierce competition on the first lap of MotoGP Argentina 2018. Zarco, who wanted to chase Marquez and Miller, tried to overtake Pedrosa.

Zarco took advantage of the gap in the narrow corner of Turn 13. But his decision made him nudge Pedrosa’s motorbike. Pedrosa went wide to the right then had a high side and failed to continue the race.