5 Things to Avoid When Driving a Manual Car

Some people who drive manual cars, especially beginners, are advised to be careful. Therefore, there are several mistakes that they must avoid to maintain driving safety.

According to the official Auto2000 website, faulty use of the brakes, clutch, and the gear lever is one of the things most drivers do. These three components are known to play an important role in manual cars.

For more details, the Tempo editor summarizes five things drivers should avoid when driving a manual car. Here’s a special review for you, quoted from the official Auto2000 website.

1. Foot Sticks to the Clutch Pedal
The first mistake that manual car drivers make is positioning their feet on the clutch pedal constantly. This makes the clutch wear out faster.

“Because it makes the clutch release on the clutch press imperfectly, so there is excessive friction between the clutch lining and the flywheel which causes the clutch lining to run out quickly,” said Head of Auto2000 Body and Paint Workshop Karawang, Arie Ferdiansyah.

2. Shift Lever Used as Hand Rest
Some car drivers may use the gear lever as a place to rest their hands or hand rest. This condition is known to trigger component damage to the gears.

As is known, this component has a mechanical system so it will be damaged if it gets pressure from your hands. If pressed continuously, the service life of the mechanical system can be reduced or damaged quickly.

3. Parking with Entry Conditions
Vehicle owners are required to neutralize gears when the car is in a parking position. Inserting the gear when the car is parked is considered to be able to hold the vehicle from moving.

However, this condition can endanger someone’s driving safety. The reason is, that the car can jump when it is started for the first time. Therefore, the driver is no longer advised to make this mistake.

4. Use Gear 2 When Start
Auto2000 explains that every driver is not advised to immediately use 2nd gear when starting. Because this condition is considered to make the burden on the car increase. It can make the car engine avoid fatal damage.

5. Use High Gear When RPM is Low
The last thing a manual car driver should avoid is the use of high gear when the RPM is low. Some people might do that because of the myth that the car will be more efficient when using high gear at low RPM. Therefore, adjust the transmission to the speed of the car.