5 Things to Avoid When Driving a Manual Car

Some people who drive manual cars, especially beginners, are advised to be careful. Therefore, there are several mistakes that they must avoid to maintain driving safety. According to the official Auto2000 website, faulty use of the brakes, clutch, and the gear lever is one of the things most drivers do. These three components are known … Read more

5 Dramas of the Argentine MotoGP

Some dramas occurred in the Argentine MotoGP which will be held at the Termas de Rio Hondo Circuit, Sunday (3/4). The following controversial dramas in MotoGP Argentina.Although often held at the beginning of the season, the Argentine MotoGP is a race that has an important factor for racers. Being placed at the start of the … Read more

5 Advantages of The Mandalika Circuit Over Termas de Rio Hondo

As is known, the Termas de Rio Honda Circuit will host the Argentina MotoGP 2022, Sunday 4 April, early morning WIB. The Termas de Rio Hondo Circuit has its challenges that must be tackled by the racers. However, the Mandalika Circuit has its advantages. Here are five advantages of the Mandalika Circuit over Termas de … Read more

Recognize 5 Advantages of Using Coatings on Cars

Before deciding to use a coating, identify some of the advantages of using a coating on your favorite car.Today, many people are busy using coatings on motorized vehicles. This method seems to be in demand by lovers of motorized vehicles, especially four-wheelers. Understanding Car CoatingThe coating is a method used to provide a special coating … Read more

3 Causes of Brakes Not Working and How to Overcome Them

One of the most common causes of traffic accidents, apart from driver fatigue, is brake failure. If not recognized and cared for properly, these components will endanger the driver. Brakes are a component that must be in good condition because they are vital for the safety of passengers and other drivers. Brake maintenance must be … Read more

The Right Time to Change Motorcycle Brake Pads

Brakes are a component of a vehicle that has an important role because it involves safety.Just like other vehicle components, motorcycle brakes also have a service life limit. Here’s the time to replace the motor brake lining that should be a concern. Ignoring and neglecting to replace the brake pads on the motorbike will of … Read more