Intel Announces Intel Arc A-Series, AMD and Nvidia Competitor Desktop GPUs

Intel has officially announced a series of external graphics processors (GPU), aka its newest discrete graphics, which will cover the laptop, desktop, and workstation product segments called the Intel Arc A-Series. The presence of the Intel Arc A-Series will enliven the competition for external GPUs which in the past two decades have been dominated by AMD and Nvidia.

Intel ARC

In the desktop segment, the form of the first GPU from the Intel A-Series is also showcased in a short video that lasts less than one minute. Based on the video, the appearance of the first Intel A-Series GPU for the desktop segment is at first glance similar to the majority of other GPUs from Nvidia and AMD which have a rectangular form factor. This GPU looks wrapped in elegant black color and is equipped with the words “Intel Arc” and “Intel Arc Limited Edition”, so there is a possibility that this GPU will be released in limited quantities.

Although the design has been revealed, Intel has not disclosed the specifications for this first and newest desktop GPU. However, when referring to video, the Intel Arc GPU is equipped with two fans, accompanied by one HDMI port and three DisplayPort ports. Intel Arc A-Series for laptops See Photo Illustration of Intel A-Series laptop GPUs. (Intel) In addition to exhibiting discrete GPUs for the desktop segment, Intel also announced three new series that will become Intel A-Series GPU products for the laptop segment, namely Intel Arc 3, Arc 5, and Arc 7. Intel Arc 3 is intended to improve the gaming experience in the conventional market, aka 1080p as well as to support the performance of content creators.

Intel says two models will be under the Intel Arc 3, namely the Intel Arc A350M which is specifically designed for ultra-thin laptops, and the A370M for thin and light laptops. Intel does not mention which models will be under the Intel Arc 5 and Arc 7 series. However, they claim that the two GPU laptop series will offer top-notch content creation capabilities that rely on powerful graphics and computing performance.

In addition, the two GPU series laptops are also said to be equipped with more GPU cores (Xe cores) than the Intel Arc 3 discrete GPU and are equipped with ray tracing and video memory (VRAM) features of the GDDR6 type. Also, read Intel Releases Core i9-12900KS Processor, Claimed to be the Fastest in the World Intel Arc A-Series features and availability Both Intel Arc 3, Arc 5, and Arc 7 will support DirectX 12 Ultimate features and ray tracing features that rely on Xe Super Sampling technology (XeSS).

There is also support for the Intel Deep Link feature which allows the performance of the Intel Arc A-Series GPU to be combined with the performance of an Intel branded CPU so that it is claimed to be able to provide maximum gaming, video editing, and streaming performance. Intel claims that the first laptops with the Intel Arc 3 discrete GPU can already be found on the market and ordered starting today.

Meanwhile, the discrete Intel Arc 5 and Arc 7 GPUs, as well as the Intel Arc GPUs for the desktop and add-in card segments, will be available sometime in mid-2022. It is not yet known how much the Intel A-Series GPU product will cost for the desktop segment, as well as how many models will be present in Intel’s first desktop GPU series. We’ll just wait.