Tips How To Read Currency Pairs

Many of world’s countries have their own unique currency (like Pesso in Mexico) while some countries share a currency to simplify trading with key geographical partners (like Euro in Europe). Knowing how to read them is perhaps first skill you must have, before entering the market. Simple Rule On How To Read Currency Pairs Currencies … Read more

Top Greatest Forex Traders In The World

To be the best you’ve got to learn from the best. Forex trading isn’t easy, you need to stand out from the crowd and do things other people aren’t brave enough or disciplined enough to do. These 5 greatest Forex traders ever have achieved enough to inspire anyone to start trading today. 5 Greatest Forex … Read more

Best 3 Trading Forex Strategies

The Double Red Strategy If you use the double red strategy, you are using a system that looks for short term reversals in price. These reversals are signaled by both price action and resistance. When two bearish candles form after a test of a resistance level, then a strategy may be used. You can see … Read more

What should I start with, Forex or Options?

When to Choose Options If you have a higher risk tolerance and are keen to begin straight away, then options might be more suited to you. Forex trading generally takes a little longer to learn, and the platforms are a little more difficult to understand. In contrast, options are very quick to learn and you … Read more

How To Start Trading Forex Today

Once you’ve gained the necessary knowledge and tested your skills on a forex simulator , it’s time to earn real money, right? If so, you’ll need a reliable broker to invest in. Find out here, how to choose one. Broker’s RegulationIf you suspect an online broker is shady, run far away. Do not be seduced … Read more

Top Best Forex Market Analysis

New traders are often overwhelmed by the volume of information available through various Forex market analysis. Your ability to make decisions will depend on the overall understanding how markets work and if you can spot the trading opportunities before they are outdated. Fundamental Analysis – involves using political, economic, and social factors to assess a … Read more

4 Biggest Forex Market Players

If you don’t recognize the name Mario Draghi or can’t name the current head of the US Federal Reserve, better read what we’ve prepared for you below! Every publicly stated word from such important people can dramatically impact currency markets. Hear them, profit from them. 1. Central Banks and Heads of GovernmentCentral bankers are capable … Read more

Best Hottest Forex Strategies & Trading Patterns

Are you using the wrong Forex trading strategy, or not using a Forex strategy at all which is also a strategy, just a really bad one?!? ? Don’t worry we have collected ? 15 most successful Forex Trading Strategies for beginners. ? If you are not ready to use these trading strategies (especially if you’re … Read more

5 Top Forex Trading Apps for iOS & Android Today

Looking for the best forex trading apps in 2022 (and ones that come with a demo account)? We have you covered! Trading forex has never been easier with our list of the best apps below for trading and investing. George Soros once made $1.2 billion with the single Forex trade, and if he were to … Read more

Recognize 5 Advantages of Using Coatings on Cars

Before deciding to use a coating, identify some of the advantages of using a coating on your favorite car.Today, many people are busy using coatings on motorized vehicles. This method seems to be in demand by lovers of motorized vehicles, especially four-wheelers. Understanding Car CoatingThe coating is a method used to provide a special coating … Read more