Recognize 5 Advantages of Using Coatings on Cars

Before deciding to use a coating, identify some of the advantages of using a coating on your favorite car.
Today, many people are busy using coatings on motorized vehicles. This method seems to be in demand by lovers of motorized vehicles, especially four-wheelers.

coating process

Understanding Car Coating
The coating is a method used to provide a special coating on the surface of the car paint.

Given the importance of coating on vehicles, it is recommended that you do this to make the car look more attractive.

Citing various sources, here are the advantages of using a coating on a car.

  1. Car paint color looks like new
    The addition of a special layer of paint when coating will make the car paint look new.

However, of course, this depends on the initial conditions of the car paint itself. The better the condition of the car paint before being coated, the better the results.

Vice versa, car paint that is already dull will make the coating result not optimal.

  1. The color of the car paint is getting shiny
    Illustration. One of the advantages of car coating is shiny paint color.
    Weather factors, humidity, car cleanliness, and travel time are enemies for the shine of your favorite car paint.

Applying a coating will restore the luster of the car paint that has faded due to the above factors.

Compared to wax or sealant to restore the shine of car paint, of course, the coating will give better results.

While wax or sealants are generally only able to last up to three months, coatings can last up to three years.

  1. Prevents car paint color from fading
    Preventing car paint colors from fading is one of the advantages of using a coating on a car.

One of the causes of car paint color fading is exposure to sunlight. Ultraviolet rays in the sun can cause the paint to fade.

The coating will help block and reflect this ultraviolet light, thereby preventing the paint from fading.

  1. Car paint will be more resistant to scratches
    Not only does it make car paint colors look shiny and look like new, but car coatings also provide another advantage, namely resistance to scratches.

A layer of coating on car paint will help disguise fine scratches and protect them from scratches that arise due to various reasons.

The paint’s resistance to scratches depends on the quality and thickness of the coating applied to the vehicle. The higher the quality and thickness, the better the level of protection against scratches.

  1. Prevents mold and water spots
    The coating layer will provide a water repellent effect or better known as the taro leaf effect on the car paint surface.

The effect of this taro leaf will help the water to flow faster on the paint surface and prevent the water from sticking.

Although it looks trivial, in fact, water that sticks to the surface of the paint for a long time will make the color dull and cause mold that is difficult to remove.

That’s the advantage of using a coating on a car. By using a coating, the appearance of the car will be maximized.