SpaceX Soon Launches Starlink Internet Service in the Philippines

The CEO of Space Exploration Technologies Corp (SpaceX), Elon Musk is said to be soon launching the Starlink satellite broadband service in the Philippines.
The confirmation of the launch of Elon Musk’s satellite was conveyed directly by the Philippine Secretary of Commerce and Industry, Ramon Lopez.


The launch of the Starlink satellite in the Philippines will also be the first in Southeast Asia.

SpaceX’s decision to enter the Philippines comes after the signing of the amended Public Service Act. The new law supports full foreign ownership in major industries in the Philippines, such as telecommunications companies.

Lopez added that SpaceX is currently processing its business license application. Meanwhile, SpaceX is also preparing a Southeast Asian subsidiary in the Philippines for the deployment of three gateways in the first phase of its launch.

Even so, Lopez did not provide a specific time or amount of investment for the launch of the satellite.

Currently, Starlink SpaceX uses a network supported by more than 1,400 satellites to provide internet access to remote areas or when communication is interrupted during a natural disaster.

The reason is that currently social media users in the Philippines only rely on the country’s 4G speed to access their favorite social media platforms.

Lopez said SpaceX’s arrival in the country would ensure an increase in internet speed and connectivity. It will also help MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises).

In addition, fintech, e-commerce, and online learning will have a seamless experience with the entry of the world’s tech giants into the Philippines.

Previously, Musk’s company had sent a Starlink satellite terminal to Ukraine earlier this month. Now, the company is starting to venture into Southeast Asia.

The announcement by SpaceX, called GizChina, made the Filipino people proud. Especially because the Philippines is said to have one of the worst internet connections in the world.

However, the Philippines still has the highest mobile penetration rate in the region at 138 percent with 74 million internet users in the country.

Internet users in the Philippines spend 10.5 hours online, which is the longest time compared to any other country in the world. This has made the Philippines labeled the social media capital of the world by being in sixth place on the list of the world’s most Facebook users.