What should I start with, Forex or Options?

forex vs options

When to Choose Options

If you have a higher risk tolerance and are keen to begin straight away, then options might be more suited to you. Forex trading generally takes a little longer to learn, and the platforms are a little more difficult to understand.

In contrast, options are very quick to learn and you downside is lower. In fact, in some cases you can even get back around 15% on losing trades! Also, the rate of return is fixed, so you will know the exact risk from the beginning. This is not the case with forex

When to Choose Forex Trading
Do you have spare time, and do you enjoy learning complex new concepts? Then forex trading might be for you. That’s because trading forex successfully means that you need to understand both fundamental and technical analysis.

Forex also requires more up front capital from traders to get starting. However, forex is a global and well respected industry, and you will learn concepts and skills you can apply other areas too.

Options options suit those investors with:

  • Very low risk tolerance
  • Moderate risk tolerance
  • High risk tolerance

The rate of return for options is:

  • Floating
  • Fixed
  • Commission based

Options options can allow investors to:

  • Begin investing and trading immediately
  • Begin after spending several weeks mastering complex analytical concepts
  • Begin after working in a related field for at least a year